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Born in 2009 on 17th St. in the Union Square neighborhood of New York City, Rye House is an American Restaurant & Bar with a concentration on artisanal spirits, craft cocktails, domestic craft beer and the best of regional American cuisine. Rye House is a place for all times that draws its inspirations from old American commitments to hospitality and ingenuity.


The Rye House menu draws influence from the varied regional cuisines found across the American landscape that have their heart in the immigrant cultures that helped to shape the American palette. Classic recipes from the Southeast, Southwest, Heartland and Rust Belt are combined with ethnic influences and are reinterpreted for a modern setting. The food showcases the best ingredients available with a commitment to local and sustainable sourcing. 


From the reclaimed wood to the leather benches and the granite bar, Rye House is a place without pretense where you will find an old school mentality. From the spirits and beer that are served to the classic techniques with which the cocktails and food are prepared, everything that we believe in can be felt throughout an experience with us. 

Lunch: Monday thru Friday @ 12pm

Brunch: Saturday & Sunday @ 12pm

Dinner: Sunday to 10pm

             Monday - Thursday to 11pm

             Friday & Saturday to Midnight

Bar:       Sunday & Monday to Midnight

             Tuesday & Wednesday to 1am

             Thursday thru Saturday to 2am

Find Us At:

11 West 17th Street
(between 5th & 6th Avenues)
New York, NY 10011

Tel: 212-255-7260

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